Skopelos is the largest island in the Sporades Group, with an area of 96Km2 and its highest point being Delphi at 680 metres. It is one of the few islands that has not become commercialized. Skopelos means rock or cliff. The island has a captivating charm with natural springs contributing to the fertility of the island. Pines are abundant, as are the olive groves. Skopelos islands beauty is unchallenged. This is truly a green island, the greenest island of Greece. The view from the sea reveals the tumbling whitewashed buildings spilling down to the waters edge and the striking Byzantine churches crowning the sheer cliffs. At the top of the town you will find the old Venetian fortress with spectacular views of the town and the Aegean sea.

In all, Skopelos has more than 360 churches and each one has its own unique character. The population of Skopelos during the winter is approximately 6.000 people. Skopelos is an island where nature, tradition and architecture blend in complete harmony. It is an unbelievably pretty island described by travel writers as "The Jewel of the Aegean". Built round the bay and resembling a huge amphitheatre, Skopelos town is unquestionably one of the loveliest island towns in the whole of Greece. From the harbour front, the maze-like cobbled streets rise steeply upwards, leading into the inner village of traditional flower-covered houses and curious small shops. The old town is strictly protected by preservation orders. The waters surrounding the island have been designated as a marine conservation area which is constantly monitored by the Hellenic authorities. There are plenty of sand and shingle beaches which are easily accessible by a regular bus service or by taxi, moped or motor boat if preferred. Fishing is still the major source of income and the local people still hold traditional values regarding the family and the way of life. If you visit the Skopelos museum you will find fine examples of formal and peasant dress, as well as the stamp of the original coin of Skopelos. The original coin is housed in the British Museum, but you can buy copies of the coin at the museum on Skopelos.

Nightlife tends to be informal and on a more modest scale than Skiathos, centering mainly within the village itself. At dusk people begin to gather under the huge trees which line the quayside for an evening drink or to eat at one of the many tavernas, restaurants or pastry shops. There are a couple of bouzouki clubs, disco-clubs and many bars. Skopelos is an island where nature, tradition and architecture blend in complete harmony.