Stafilos: About 4 Km from Skopelos town the bus will stop on the main road and then it is about 500 meters down to the scenic little bay. The water is crystal clear and ideal for bathing. Close to the beach there is a tavern which has marvelous views.

Velanio: This bay connects with Stafilos by a small footpath. Velanio is the islands official nudist beach and it has a beach bar at the end of the bay for snacks and refreshments.

Agnondas: This is situated 8 Km from Skopelos town. The bus stops directly beside the beach. It is a small shingle beach and sometimes acts as an emergency stop for boats and hydrofoils when the weather is bad and they are unable to dock at Skopelos port. There are several taverns that specialise in seafood. It is an ideal spot to watch the sunset and enjoy an ouzo drink on the rocks.

Limnonari: Just around from Agnondas, it is located about 10 Km from Skopelos town. This is a beautiful sandy beach. It can be reached by foot or water taxi as the bus does not stop here. There is a tavern and a snack bar for refreshments.

Panormos: This is situated 15 Km from Skopelos town. The bus stops directly beside the beach. There are several tavernas and a couple of bars.

Milia: This is 17 Km from Skopelos town. It is a long and gently curving beach. It is known to be the best beach on the island. It is the favorite beach for the writer as it combines nice crystal waters with the water sports available and the silky sandy beach.

Elios: It is also known as "Neo Klima". It suffered extensive damage during the big earthquake of 1965. Elios was built again with government funding and this newest resort has a long single beach.

Glossa: The second largest town of the island is 30 Km from town and shaped like an amphitheatre. Glossa cascades down the hilltop with its traditional houses. Hardly touched by tourism, this sleepy town has a handful of shops. Wander through labyrinth of back streets to find the church of the Virgin Mary in a picturesque square.

Loutraki: Loutraki offers a tree lined waterfront with a good selection of eating places. There is also a small bay to the right of the fishing port.